Eva Rydén

Upcoming Events:

1 July 18.00  

Viva La Birgit  –  Tribute Concert to Birgit Nilsson (100 years old the 17/5) with her repertoire in Björnekulla Church. Eva Rydén, Dramatic Soprano and PerHenrik Johansson, Piano/Organ.

19 May 17.00                                                                                                               Jubilee Concert in Helgeand Church in Lund, in double sense, the church will be 50 years old. Opera concert with tribute to Birgit Nilsson, who becomes 100 years old the 17/5. Eva Rydén, Dramatic Soprano and Larsåke Sjöstedt, Piano/Organ.

25 March 18.00
Pergolesi Stabat Mater in Björnekulla Church. Eva Rydén, Alto Soloist. Amelia Jacobsson, Sopran Soloist. Vocalis Choir with PerHenrik Johansson, Conductor.